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About Us

Sznurowadła woskowane

The company MARKO deals in the production and trade of goods in the haberdashery, footwear and clothing industries, such as shoelaces, strings, tapes, threads, rubbers.

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sznurki producent

We are reliable, timely and unrivaled in terms of price and quality. We know what we do and we have 17 years of experience in the industry.                                                            Trust us and check the benefits of working with MARKO. We are constantly expanding our range of products so that we can satisfy the most demanding customers.

Our Offer

sznurki do worków

Shoelaces, Strings, Tapes, Rubber, Technical links, Threads, Bag strings, cotton flat cord, decorative twist cords, plaited cords, manufacturer cords, cotton torsion cords.


sznurki woskowane

ul.Laskowa 18a
05-400 Otwock
NIP 532 105 63 20
tel.fax. 22 779 12 38
tel. 607 844 234
tel. 690 479 166