Our Offer


We offer laces in many designs, weaves, thicknesses and colors.

Traditional polyester and cotton as well as waxed.

It is used not only for footwear but also for clothing, haberdashery and hangers.

We also offer products made of flat polyester and cotton tunnel tape in widths from 8mm to 20mm, with a plastic agglomeration, used for winter footwear, sweatpants, jackets, etc. Tunnel tapes in a rich design are especially recommended for hoods.

Fittings (aglets) on strings can be completed traditionally with thick transparent or black foil with a width of 12.5mm or 20mm and with a metal wagtail of 20mm colours - silver or old gold.  

We produce handles for carrier bags, boxes and cartons from the wide range of our strings..

metal hook in silver.

All strings and tapes for sale can be rolled up in 50 or 100 mb..

Our offer includes rubber with polyester braid. Tunnel tapes with print and print on aglettes, e.g. logo or company name. We also offer footwear and decorative threads as well as technical links.



Synthetic and cotton laces.


Trekking laces.


Laces with print.


Waxed lace.


Synthetic and cotton twines.


Polypropylene cord.


Decorative multicolored lace.


Strings for advertising bags with Te-lace hook.


Flat and round clothing ties.


Strap tapes.


Round synthetic braided elastics.


Technical links.


Synthetic and cotton braided threads.


Strings covered with metal


Metal aglets.


Metal fittings te-lace.


Strings for bags with metal.


Strings with a metal clip.


Strings for blouses with metal.


Flat laces.